Global Database of Humanitarian Organisations (GDHO) - BETA VERSION

GDHO is a global compendium of organisations that provide assistance to people affected by humanitarian crisis.  The database includes basic organisational and operational information on these humanitarian providers, including international non-governmental organisations (grouped by federation), national NGOs that deliver aid within their own borders, UN humanitarian agencies, and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement.

The database originated in Humanitarian Outcomes’ research on the global population of humanitarian workers under its ongoing program on Aid Worker Security and the State of the Humanitarian System research for ALNAP. It is intended for the use of aid practitioners, policy makers, and researchers seeking centralised information on humanitarian aid presence and coverage, both globally and by country of operation. The database is searchable by provider and by setting, and customized searches can be viewed online or downloaded in Excel.

All organisations included the database have responded to humanitarian needs in at least one emergency context, individually or in partnership with other organisations, even if their stated mission is not strictly humanitarian.  Not included, however, are NGOs devoted to development, human rights, or political causes that have never operated in emergency settings.

The GDHO is a work in progress, and relies on users’ feedback to help make it more comprehensive and up-to-date.  Please click here to offer corrections, additions, or suggest changes to make the site more useful as a research tool.