About the partnership

Humanitarian Outcomes is a team of specialist consultants providing research and policy advice for humanitarian aid agencies and donor governments.

We undertake:

  • Independent studies
  • Commissioned research and policy recommendations
  • Evaluations
  • Operational reviews and strategic input into planning processes
  • Training, teaching and development of curriculum materials

The partners of Humanitarian Outcomes are former aid practitioners and policy makers with established track records of applied research in the field of humanitarian action. Past and ongoing consultations include work for the governments of the UK, USA and other nations, United Nations bodies, international aid organisations, and interagency and intergovernmental groups.

Our research covers the institutional, financial, and operational mechanics of the international humanitarian system, and considers the broader political and strategic environment in which aid policy takes shape. Our research products aim to provide workable solutions based on practical, evidence-based analysis.

Current research

Projects currently underway include the second edition of the State of the Humanitarian System review to be published in 2015; Secure Access in Volatile Environments, a multi-year study, designed to improve the evidence base on delivering aid in highly insecure environments; an evaluation of Dutch humanitarian assistance between 2009-2013; and ongoing research on humanitarian operational security supported by our Aid Worker Security Database, available for public access here.

Humanitarian Outcomes is also actively seeking support for a programme of integrated data tracking and analysis on humanitarian resources and deployment.

We welcome enquiries about that programme, as well as our availability for future commissions and collaborations. Get in touch with us by email or telephone here