Evaluation of Multi-year Planning

By Glyn Taylor, Corinna Kreidler, Yves-Kim Créac’h
February 2017

This evaluation report is formative, with an emphasis on building understanding and learning in order to allow for correcting mistakes, adapting approaches and building on the successes of current experiences with MYP. The findings are based on triangulated evidence collected through visits to three country case-studies (Haiti, Somalia, and a counterfactual, Myanmar), visits to OCHA HQ (New York and Geneva), remote interviews for Sahel, oPt, South Sudan and Iraq and as well as post-WHS interviews to assess changes in the system. The focus of the evaluation is multi-year planning rather than multi-year financing or multi-year programming, although it is recognised that the three are mutually supportive and brought together explicitly in the HRP model.

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Tyler, G., Kreidler, C., &  Créac’h, Y.K. (2017). Evaluation of Multi-year Planning. OCHA.