Evaluation of WFP Polices on Humanitarian Principles and Access in Humanitarian Contexts

By Julia Steets, Claudia Meier, Adele Harmer, Abby Stoddard, Janika Spannagel
May 2018

Adherence to the core humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and operational independence and the ability to gain access to those in need of assistance are central to WFP’s operations. In accordance with the WFP requirement that policies be evaluated within four to six years of the start of their implementation, this evaluation provides an evidence-based assessment of the policies’ quality, WFP’s performance on humanitarian principles and access and factors affecting results. 

Suggested Citation


Steets, J., Meier, C., Harmer, A., Stoddard, A. & Spannagel, J. (2018). Evaluation of WFP Policies on Humanitarian Principles and Access in Humanitarian Contexts, World Food Programme, May.