Bridging the needs-based funding gap: NGO field perspectives

January 2014

In the last ten years a great deal of effort and resources has been invested by humanitarian organizations and donors to improve the evidence base on which the decisions are made, with the intention of building mechanisms for inclusive dialogue, and developing shared analysis of needs and mechanisms and approaches to enable flexible, rapid and impartial humanitarian funding. The required knowledges and principles exist to make needs-based humanitarian funding a reality. In practice, however, funding levels across different crisis are often disproportionate, funding for protracted crises is periodically volatile and NGOs often struggle to pieces together adequate and sufficiently enabling funds to reposed to new needs and sustain programs to meet ongoing needs. 

This report looks at the major contributing factors to the uneven achievement of a collective needs-based financing response. 

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Poole, L. (2014). Bridging the needs-based funding gap: NGO field perspectives. Norwegian Refugee Council.